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Having spent her childhood in the verdant Worcestershire hills and the years since in the beautiful South Shropshire countryside, the natural patterns and themes found in her art are a product of a lifetime’s cultivation and immersion.

To trace the development of her style, we must recall her first project: a prize-winning garden, which provided a platform for her both to explore large-scale floral design and to grow a myriad of rare and exquisite flowers, some of which were chosen for the Daily Telegraph’s garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. Taking inspiration from her garden, she would recreate individual flowers using watercolours. Her talent for this led her to exhibit her studies at the Royal Horticultural Society in London on two occasions, winning coveted medals both times.

The next landmark in her career is the establishment of the greetings cards company: The Angela Faulkner Collection Ltd. Greetings cards proposed new challenges such as how to condense a design to a small area, yet still convey interest and appeal. This technique has since been refined over twelve ranges of cards and the translation of designs into various new formats.

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Range: Glitter Bugs

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